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Cancer Mobile Van

Cancer Mobile Van

Objectives of Mobile Cancer Screening Van

Creating awareness amongst the people about cancer and Eye diseases and importance of early detection by timely screening of.

Early Diagnosis of Cancer and Eye diseases like Glaucoma, Cataract & Diabetic Retinopathy. These diseases can be controlled if diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

Providing a complete comprehensive Cancer and Eye checkup service free or at a very nominal cost to poor and middle class people.

Examination / Tests done

• Mammography

• Gynecological Examination including Breast check-up and Pap smear by a Gynecologist (for Women)

• Complete Physical Check-up along with Prostate Examination by a surgeon (for Men).

• ENT Examination, Oral Cancer screening etc.

• Routine Blood test of CBC, Random Blood Sugar.

How does early Screening help in Cancer detection?

The holy grail of cancer treatment is early detection. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. Ignorance especially among the lower socioeconomic classes leads to this disease festering and reaching a stage where it becomes incurable. Even when the diagnosis is done, the economic conditions make it impossible for the people to access diagnosis leave alone treatment. Even in urban areas where care is accessible, women tend to neglect the early signs and don’t consider cancer screening as priority until it’s offered at their doorstep.

If we look at breast cancer one of the commonest cancer in India in women, few things are striking

1. Rising incidence



Spiralling Incidence
An analysis of Cancer cases among women in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore from 1982 to 2005 shows that the incidence of Breast Cancer has nearly doubled in metropolitan cities.

The figures above represent incidence per 1 Lakh women in %

2. Age shift

More women in their 30s and 40s are getting the disease. Younger people often have more aggressive disease. It also has a great social cost as families are devastated by loss of a young mother.
3. Late Diagnosis

Consequently decreased survival. While in the US, 75% women were detected early and consequently 89% stood a chance of surviving beyond 5 years, the figures in India are abysmal. It is estimated that less than 60% got detected early. There is lack of awareness and screening facilities in the country.

Hence there is a screaming need for…
Active awareness
Better screening facilities
Accessible and affordable cancer care

4. Screen Detection Cure

Vision – To achieve an early detection leading to increased cure rates.
5. Vision

We propose to take cancer detection and Eye Screening to the people’s doorstep especially in the Thane district. The rural areas in and around Dombivli & Kalyan are the focus areas as there are very few services available in this region. We hope to do atleast 4 cancer detection camps a month and screen atleast 1000 men & women for various cancers.

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