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Breast cancer today continues to make headlines every day. It is a disease which can cause great sorrow yet every case is a story of grit and courage and sheer perservance to beat the odds. One such patient was a lady who recently had become the CEO of a large research company...Read more

This is a new concept in Oncology. Till now it was thought that cancer surgery can be done only by big mutilating incisions. Now with advanced laparoscopic techniques we can remove cancers from the body with small incisions..

The most common operation for lung cancer is called a lobectomy. There are 3 lobes, or segments of the right lung and two lobes of the left lung. A lobectomy involves removing the tumor along with the lobe of the lung from which the tumor arises. When removal of the entire lung may be recommended. The operation is called a Pneumonectomy.

Chemotherapy is the use of medication (chemicals) to treat disease. More specifically, chemotherapy typically refers to the destruction of cancer cells.

Genetic testing to learn about your cancer risk is done only if you decide to have it. If you are concerned about your family’s pattern of disease, cancer you’ve had in the past, or other cancer risk factors, you may want to talk to your doctor about whether to have genetic testing.

Checking for cancer (or for conditions that may lead to cancer) in people who have no symptoms is called screening.

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