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Gynecological Cancer

As the name suggest Gynecological Cancers are the Cancers affecting women. But the fact is whenever we think of Cancer, we think of it as affecting older women but unfortunately it is not true.

Gynecological Cancers have a spectrum of age relating from very early age groups of even less than 10 years to 70 years and above. The Cancers are different in different ages. They can be related to the Ovaries, Fallopian tube, Uterus, Vagina or to the Vulva.

Various parts of female genital systems can be affected by Cancers at various ages and by various types of Cancers. The good part is most of these Cancers are very well treated and they can be cured to a large extent if detected in an early stage.

There are also preventive methods for diagnosing pre-cancer symptoms in women especially in Cervical Cancers. The test known as Pap Smear, aids in the early diagnosis of Cervical Cancer and also in diagnosing pre-cancerous regions which have proved to be a great boon for treating this cancer.

Types of Gynecological Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

The Ovaries are on both the sides i.e. right and left. They are basically the reservoirs of eggs in the women

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer or Cancer at the mouth of the Uterus as it is known is the commonest Cancer that affects women in India

Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer normally affects post-menopausal women though rarely it is seen in pre-menopausal women.

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