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Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer is one of the most dreadful Cancers which prevail across the world.

What is Stomach Cancer?

Stomach Cancer is basically the cancer of stomach which is the first part of the digestive tract in the abdomen after the food pipe. The ratio of stomach cancer has slightly increased as compared to previous year.
The main causes of stomach cancer are Smoked foods, very spicy foods and bacteria called as Helicobacter Pylori.

Frequently Asked Question About Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer can be caused due to various reasons like

• Anemia or low hemoglobin

• Difficulty in Swallowing

• Recurrent vomiting after food intake

• Blood vomiting

Stomach can be diagnosed by a procedure called as Endoscopy. The Endoscope is inserted through the mouth and internals of the stomach are visualized.

Treatment mainly consists of surgery in which the entire/part of the stomach is removed along with the Lymphnode which surround the stomach. Then the continuity is re-established with the help of joining the intestine to the food pipe or intestine to the remnant of the stomach.

These operations are now a days very advanced and can be done with minimal access of Laparoscopic surgery and also can be done with the help of Staplers. These staplers are useful in the sense they standardize the suchen and hence prevent complications.

The other treatments in Cancer are Radiation and Chemotherapy which are also given before surgery in some cases to improve the chances of survival Colorectal Cancer is the cancer of large intestine.

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