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Chemotherapy is a medical treatment that is mainly used to treat cancer, while it can also be used to treat other illnesses like autoimmune diseases. It entails the administration of potent drugs known as chemotherapy drugs or cytotoxic drugs. These pharmaceuticals are intended to target and inhibit the rapid growth and division of cancerous cells, which is their defining characteristic.


Immunotherapy is a medicinal intervention that targets cancer by stimulating the immune system. It entails the use of medications or other therapies to boost, adjust or stimulate the immune response, assisting the immune system in identifying and eliminating infections or cancerous cells. As an alternative to conventional therapies like radiation and chemotherapy, this strategy may show great promise. Immunotherapy includes a range of strategies and subtypes, all aimed at improving or modifying the immune system’s reaction in a distinct way


Lymphapress is a medical device used for lymphatic drainage therapy, which improves lymphatic circulation and treats conditions such as lymphedema and swelling. It typically involves the application of compressed air to a specialised garment worn on the affected body part, producing a gentle massaging effect to stimulate lymph fluid movement.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is a specialised form of supportive care that seeks to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. It focuses on relieving the physical and emotional adverse effects and symptoms of cancer and its treatment. This care is tailored to the specific requirements of cancer patients and assists them in coping with pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and other distressing symptoms.

Home Care

Home care for cancer patients is an individualised and compassionate way to supporting persons who are battling cancer in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Treatment and recovery include symptom management, medication, health monitoring, and emotional and practical support.

Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling is a specialised and essential part of oncology care that assesses a patient’s genetic predisposition to cancer and provides them with information, emotional support, and guidance to make informed healthcare decisions.

Bone Marrow Evaluation

A medical test known as a bone marrow evaluation is given to cancer patients in order to analyze the bone marrow, which is the soft tissue found inside the bones, for any indications of malignancy. This helps doctors identify if the cancer has progressed to the bone marrow and choose treatments.

Cancer Day Care Centre

Cancer patients may need hospitalisation for advanced treatment. This can affect patients and carers emotionally and financially during difficult times. Cancer patients receive complete ambulatory care and assistance at a hospital’s Cancer Day Care Centre.

Inhouse Pathology

Our in-house pathology services guarantee prompt and accurate diagnoses for cancer patients, thereby expediting their treatment and enhancing overall care outcomes.

Inhouse Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy for cancer patients streamlines medication access, ensuring timely and expedient delivery of life-sustaining treatments, thereby facilitating their road to recovery.

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