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A camp for the Thane Police organised by Fortis Hospital, Vihang Trust and the Thane Police Commissionerate!

Well spent weekend!!! Participated in a camp for the Thane police organised by Fortis hospital, Vihang trust and the Thane Police commissionerate! 700 police were screened. Nice interacting with the very erudite Thane C-P Mr Phansalkar, Mrs Parisha Sarnaik and the volunteers ! This was followed by a talk on ELAPe, a rectal cancer surgery at Delhi under the Delhi Chapter of Asi and RTCOG! Nice to meet Old friends and make some new ones like dr bhattacharya from kathmandu and dr tarun mittal from delhi . Thank you dr deep goel for the invite ! The icing was the party with my OT team on Saturday for the 50 robotic surgeries.

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