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Ayurheal Webinar

From the Desk of Dr Anil Heroor!!

The new normal is also about having an open mind. We at Oncohope ACC stretch our boundaries when we want to find what works best for our patients whatever the stage of cancer or type of therapy. Exploring the benefits of alternative medicine albeit scientifically is one such way. Wonderful session by our patients support group Maitree parivar. Vaidya Mangesh Deshpande talked about Ayurved and cancer and the attempt we as a group are making to improve the quality of life in terminally ill cancer patients. More than100 survivors attended the session from all over India. Great job Dr Tejinder Singh, Mrs Preeti Purohit and Maitree parivar. Thank you Vd Mangesh Deshpande #cancersurvivor.

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