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The Annual review of GI Oncology 2019

The Annual review of GI Oncology 2019 was organized successfully today. Two days of intense focussed academic program reviewing the latest in Gastrointestinal oncology. Stalwarts from across the country north southeast and west participated debated and unravelled the new frontiers. Surgical oncologists medical oncologists GI surgeons about 250 in all attended the meeting. Nice to see the effort of our team of Dr Adwait Gore, Dr Tejinder Singh, Dr Muzammil, Dr Ganesh Nagarajan, Dr Nilesh Lokeshwar and myself bearing fruit. Excellent support by Nimesh Bafna and the River Route team. Thanks once again to the eminent faculty who came all the way and gave their precious time to make this a success. Hope to make it bigger next time!

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