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Laparoscopic Colorectal Demonstration Program!

Successfully completed the 6th Laparoscopic colorectal demonstration program for practicing surgeons.! We had 5 senior surgeons from Dhaka Bangladesh coming to observe Laparoscopic colorectal procedures. It was great to exchange notes with practicing surgeons from both government and private setups in Dhaka. We could show the whole spectrum from right hemicolectomy to Anterior resection in colorectal cancer which was very satisfying. There was also a didactic and wet lab training session on the animal models in the Ethicon Institute at Mahim. It is always nice to have such well versed yet enthusiastic delegates for a program. Thank you Dr Arul for your unwavering support. Thank you my surgical colleagues Dr Nikhil Dharmadhikari, Dr Tejas, Dr Nishigandha and the anesthesia dept., Nursing and technician staff and Dr Narayani, Dr Kunal and Fortis management!

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