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Breast Cancer New Hopes On The Horizon


• A mammogram is usually performed with the patient standing

• The breast tissue is compressed and x-rays are taken from different angles

• Mammography can detect 80-90 percent of tumors up to two years before they can be felt

• Effective way to detect breast cancer in early stages

• It is recommended by ACS that all women over 50 get a yearly mammogram

• Women with family history should get it earlier


What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer New Hopes On The Horizon

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer continues to make headlines every day. It is a disease that can cause great sorrow. Yet every case is a story of grit and courage and sheer perseverance to beat the odds. Breast cancer, if diagnosed in time is completely CURABLE!!

A lady, who recently became the CEO of a large research company, felt a lump in her breast. With great trepidation she visited our clinic and spent an hour discussing with us the various options. She had no intention of giving up anything in life and hence attended one meeting abroad even when she was on chemotherapy. Today she is fully cured and completely back to her work and family.


Screening is done so that breast cancer can be found at an early stage for diagnosis purposes, and if done correctly, screening can detect more than 90 percent of breast cancers.


is Cancer
Screening Done?

Why Choose Anil Cancer Clinic

Anil Cancer Clinic is a chain of daycare Chemotherapy centers designed to give a personalized care and assistance to Cancer patients. Chemotherapy is a process where patients have to travel far distance to avail these services. Anil Cancer Clinic was conceptualized in order to bring the services to the doorstep of all these patients who are already under stress due to disease. They do not have to face additional trouble of going long distance to take this therapy. Anil Cancer Clinic provided a personalized experience with trained nursing staff and up to date Equipments in order to give the most modern therapy to patients who visit this clinic. In addition to this we are also sensitive to the cost of Cancer care. Hence the treatment is at affordable cost without compromising on quality. These clinics are now situated at Thane, Mulund and Dombivli.

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About Our Hospital

Dr. Anil Heroor

Cancer Surgeon and Robotic Surgery Specialist

What Patients Say About Us

ranveer singh
ranveer singh
Excellent treatment facility.Fantastic staff . Dr. Heroor is the best doctor for cancer patient.
Varun Shukla
Varun Shukla
Very Experienced Doctor and Surgeon. He guides the patient well and always responsive to queries. He has a positive approach towards the patient and make sure that patient won't have a fear of the treatment. The staff is also very polite and helps you with your queries. The management is also very well organized
Dr Anil Heroor is the best doctor, very calm and supportive. The clinic is not into money making business like other OnCo centres. The staff is also very good. Feel like you are in safe hands.

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