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Cancer Day Care Centre

Patients with cancer may be required to travel to a hospital to obtain the most advanced cancer care. This can contribute to the emotional and financial strain that patients and carers experience during a challenging time. A Cancer Day Care Centre is a specialised facility within a hospital that offers comprehensive ambulatory care and support to cancer patients.

Services In Day Care Centre

Our hospital's dedication to cancer care includes a Cancer Day Care Centre. It is a designated area where cancer patients can receive various treatments and support services without having to remain overnight. Our facility is suited to provide chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and other cancer treatments in a supportive and comfortable setting.

Day Care Services Include:
Treatment through Infusion and Chemotherapy
Supportive Care
Blood Transfusion& more.
Mood and Symptom Stabilization
Knowledge and Instruction
Care Coordination
Natural Medicine

Benefits Of Day Care Centre

Easy Access: It offers easy access to cancer therapies and support services for outpatients.

Reduced Disruption: Enables patients to receive care without requiring lengthy hospital stays.

Minimized Costs: In general, outpatient care is more cost-effective than inpatient care, reducing the financial burden.

Care of the Highest Quality: It provides specialised cancer treatments, symptom management and emotional support.

Comfortable Environment: Provides a relaxing and encouraging environment for treatment.

Flexibility: Permits patients to maintain a level of normalcy in their daily lives.

Care Coordination: Coordinates care among various specialists for a holistic treatment approach.

Supportive Resources: Access to educational materials, counselling services, and support groups.

Enhanced Quality of Life: Purposes to augment patients' general state of health while undergoing cancer therapy.


Frequently Ask Questions.

The Daycare Centre is a comprehensive oncology clinic with a daycare for chemotherapy patients. It is intended for patients who have been advised to endure rapid cancer treatments and do not require hospitalization overnight.

Utilizing nursery services will save patients money and effort. They continue to conduct themselves as usual and lodging costs can be eliminated

One of the advantages of a specialised cancer nursery is the presence of an experienced cancer specialist and intensive care specialist throughout treatment. All employees, including nurses, technicians and chemists, have received cancer care training. Because of this, it is quite beneficial for patients to discuss their issues and get all concerns answered promptly.

As the admission and discharge procedures are brief, there is no need for patients to wait in a lengthy queue. Maintaining medications and documents in accordance with the patient's treatment plan may expedite the process even further if the patient is healthy and has perfect vital signs. Our procedures for registration, admission, and discharge are efficient.

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