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Lymphapress is a medical device used for lymphatic drainage therapy, which improves lymphatic circulation and treats conditions such as lymphedema and swelling. It typically involves the application of compressed air to a specialised garment worn on the affected body part, producing a gentle massaging effect to stimulate lymph fluid movement.

Lymphapress Therapy Cycles:

Three lymphapress therapy cycles are common:

Pretherapy Cycle: The garment is briefly inflated with low pressure to guarantee a comfortable fit and prepare the limb or body part for treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage Cycle: The prime treatment cycle inflates and deflates garment air chambers. This rhythmic compression promotes lymphatic circulation and reduces edoema.

Rest Cycle: After lymphatic drainage, the garment is deflated and removed after a short rest cycle to maintain limb pressure.

These treatment cycles can be tailored to the patient and condition. Promote lymphatic flow, minimise edoema and improve tissue health.

Indications For Lymphapress:

  • Chronic lymphedema
  • Venous incompetence
  • Postoperative edoema
  • Edoema administration
  • Chronic venous conditions
  • Wound healing assistance
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Support for circulation in immobile patients
  • Fibrotic tissue decrease
  • Athletic injury recovery. 

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